Upcoming Performances

Sunday September 18, 2016

Solo House Concert in Redwood City, CA
Email me directly for details, especially if you live near the South Bay and desire naked bamboo flute sounds on 9/18.

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Past Performances

September 3, 2016
Turquoise Yantra Grotto, San Francisco

August 19, 2016
Guest with Faun Fables at The Starry Plough in Berkeley, CA

August 14, 2016

June 2-6, 2016
Featured Artist at the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague

November 14, 2015
Berkeley Rose Labyrinth      2138 Cedar Street Berkeley, CA 94709
Solo Shakuhachi and Taimu Performance, Berkeley, CA

November 6, 2015     The Dance Palace, Point Reyes, CA     Milly Wandering plus special guest: Cornelius Boots     part of the Locally Sourced Free Range Concert Series – See more at:

October 22-25, 2015    Performances and presentation at the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose, CA     “The Texture of Suchness: The Shakuhachi Flute of Zen Buddhism”

September 20, 2015      Art in Nature/The Nature of Art Festival     5th annual artist and performer gathering in Redwood Regional Park’s Stream Trail in Oakland, CA

June 5, 2015     Fat Flute First Fridays in Fairfax, Wu Wei Tea Temple Solo Taimu and jinashi shakuhachi performances, informal.

May 7, 2015     Bloomington High School North Bloomington, Indiana     Solo shakuhachi and Taimu presentation/recital.

May 5, 2015     Sanshin Temple Zendo Bloomington, Indiana     Solo shakuhachi and Taimu concert following the regular zazen period.

February 14, 2015     Cornelius Boots & Mark Deutsch: Solo Acoustic Wizards, “Heart & Blood.”   Trinity Church, Berkeley, CA

– See more at:


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